IGD Program Development
  • Anna has supported the development of intergroup dialogue programs on 11 college/university campuses as a consultant
  • Brings experience as an program director and faculty instructor for intergroup dialogue programs and courses on multiple campuses, including small liberal arts colleges and large public universities across the country
  • Using a capacity building approach, provides train-the-trainer sessions and support for program start-up/pilot phase
  • Has developed both credit-bearing dialogue courses through academic departments and co-curricular dialogue programs through student affairs
  • Over 20 years of program development/administration experience
DEI Capacity Building
  • Dialogue skills for engaging across differences and increasing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) for faculty, staff and administrators
  • Increasing awareness, perspective taking, and understanding of DEI issues related to different social identities/systems of oppression to expand the inclusion lens
  • Skills for facilitating difficult conversations or campus community dialogues
  • Skills for navigating conflicts
  • Skills for responding to bias incidents, micro-aggressions, offensive behaviors
  • 4 years experience providing intensive skills training to university DEI staff, faculty and administrators.
Inclusive Teaching
  • Professional skills development workshops for faculty, staff and administrators in how to respond to offensive comments, how to create an inclusive learning space, how to facilitate difficult conversations, and how to affirm different identities and experiences/perspectives
  • Brings experience as a tenure-track faculty member, student affairs staff, and independent consultant to develop and lead participants through how to navigate challenging scenarios many faculty and staff encounter, with empathy and competence.
  • Provides tools and resources to guide the use of dialogue pedagogy in group learning (to counter debate and discussion formats), and how to improve listening and communication skills in the classroom, in meetings, and in interactions with students and colleagues.
Facilitation Skills Training
  • Trainings follow the 4-stage model of IGD developed out of the University of Michigan, and cover skills for facilitating difficult conversations on social justice issues as well as creating a collaborative community space for learning, engaging, and taking action.
  • Uses a content- and process-conscious approach, taking participants through the experiential elements of intergroup dialogue while also providing theory, research and curriculum resources, as well as time for facilitation practice and feedback.
  • Over 20 years of facilitation training experience
Online Dialogues
  • Experience in developing and co-facilitating online intergroup dialogues for professionals across the country and internationally.
  • Online Dialogues guide participants through the 4-stage intergroup dialogue model to create a space for professional development and community building through co-facilitated dialogue and resource sharing
  • Presented a paper on the process and outcomes of delivering online dialogue training at the 2019 Intergroup Dialogue Conference in Amherst, Massachusetts.
  • ¬†Online dialogue co-facilitation training courses starting in January 2020.
Strategic Response
  • Inclusive strategies and skills for responding to campus bias incidents
  • Skill development for navigating conflicts
  • Professional facilitation to process impacts and desired outcomes between campus stakeholders.
  • Leading stakeholders through the processing of concerns and action planning for institutional or organizational change
Community Building
  • Bringing together faculty, staff and students to build community and understanding across roles
  • Increasing trust, respect and empathy among colleagues and work teams
  • Building connections and a culture of collaborative learning

Anna Yeakley

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